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Zobrodome. Debut EP


released June 3, 2014

Scottie Gilbert, Guitar/Vocal
Randy Innis, Drum/Synth/Guitar/Vocal
Clayton Marsh, Guitar/Vocal
Jeremy Trotter, Drums
Zebulon Wiggs, Bass
Lainie Swindall, Tenor Sax/Trumpet
Skyler Glover, Percussion

Recorded December 2013-January 2014 By Greg Thompson
At The Bomb Shelter Nashville, TN
Mastered By John Baldwin

"Unwind" Written By S. Gilbert
"El Jefe" Written By C. Marsh
All Other Selections By Marsh/Gilbert

Photography And Album Art Design By C. Marsh

©2014 Zobrodome Industries, LLC



all rights reserved


Zobrodome Nashville, Tennessee

Riding a dual onslaught of drums and a banshee wail of guitars, Zobrodome conjures forth ancient proto-progressive-experimental-psychedelipunk sounds from eons past and shares them with the fine eager citizenry of the 21st century.

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Track Name: Russian's Girlfriend
See Her Walk By, I Can’t Help But Notice Her Blue Eyes
Hiding, Plain Sight, Then She Wages Cold, Cold War On Me
Tonight, But I Still Can’t Help But Peep Behind The Lights
That Shine So Bright, It’s Simply Blinding
Dreaming Of Her Now, The Russians Girlfriend!

Caress Her Thigh, If That Were Only Possible I Would
Just Die On Sight , Tetris Theme The Funeral
Khrushchev, Pure Spite, Freeze Tag With The KGB
Stolichnaya On Ice, Picnic In St. Petersburg
Dreaming Of Her Now, The Russians Girlfriend!

Making Love By The Fire, Stravinsky On The Victrola And Her
Bedroom Attire, Softly Clinging To Her Skin, I’m In Her
Evil Empire, Launching Sputnik Satellites, Those Cold
Vladivostok Nights, Behind Her Iron Curtain
Dreaming Of Her Now, The Russians Girlfriend!

Her Legs So Long Eyes So Blue, Curtains Match The Carpet You Know It’s True.
Mail Order Bride I Cannot Afford, If She Were Mine How I Would Adore
Mail Order Bride I Cannot Achieve, If She Were Mine She Would Never Leave

Da Nyet, Da Da Da Da Nyet, Nyet Da, Nyet Nyet
Da Nyet, Da Da Da Da Nyet, Nyet Da, Nyet Nyet
Da Nyet, Da Da Da Da Nyet, Nyet Da, Nyet Nyet
The Russian’s Girlfriend! Daaaaaaaaaaaa!
Track Name: El Jefe
El Café De Vaca No Tiene No Leche. Estoy Triste Ahora.
El Jefe Is Triste Because There Is No Leche!

El Jefe Toma Todo El Control Esta Noche, El Jefe Toma Todo El Control!

El Jefe Anda Con La Confianza De Un León, Y Se Eleva Con El Cóndor

El Jefe Gobierna Con Un Puño De Hierro, Él Rompe Todos Los Enemigos


Él Rompe Todos Los Enemigos!
Track Name: Great Whites And Manatees
Laser Beams And Lightning Bolts Flying Out The Head Of Your Alien
Penis God!

Joseph Smith Don’t Like Black Folks, Spewing Out The Mouth Of Your Ponzi Scheme Shyster God!

The Ampullae Of Lorenzini Was Discovered In The 17th Century.
A Vast Network Of Electro-Receptors
Allow The Shark To Be Earth’s Greatest Predator.
Chum The Water, Get A Feeding Frenzy
All Thanks To The Ampullae Of Lorenzini!!!

Grab Your Fins, Grab Your Mask I Signed Us Up For Classes.
And I Know A Guy, He’ll Get You A Passport…Works At The Post Office, Ask For Shlomo.
Bangkok’s A Gas, We’ll Take The A-Train. Red-Light District, Smidge Of Pleasure, Scosche Of Pain!

Jacques Cousteau Sailed The Seven Seas! Portugese The Man Of War, Great Whites And Manatees!

Laser Beams And Lightning Bolts Flying Out The Head Of Your Alien Penis God!
Track Name: Pleistocene
Hyenadon, Mastodon, Tiny Horse. Pleistocene Era’s Gone But Of Course. Clovis Spear Pushed Right In With Some Force. Fire’s Burning Brighter Than Their Maker’s Source.

Sabre-Tooth, Giant Sloth, Short-Faced Bear. Ancestors Of Wily-Eyed
Billionaires. No Window Shopping, What You Kill Is What You Wear.
Naked Goddess Barefoot Running Throwing Brittany Spears.

Mega Fauna Satisfied Our Appetite, Till Mass Extinction Added Greatly
To Our Plight. Megatherium, Glyptodon Over Rice. Hunting Parties Stalking Deadly Prey Through Mud And Ice.

The Dire Wolves Hunt In Packs Just Like Us, But Ten Thousand Years
From Now Somehow They Still Don’t Make The Cut.
Pleistocene Era’s Gone, Yes It Is All Gone Away. We’re Still Here And We Fear Still There’s Nothing New To Say.
Track Name: Unwind
Disciples Of The Stolen Funds Are Bathed In Blood Now.
And Dance With Guns But Just For Fun. It’s Not In Rhythm.
If Time’s The Line We Cannot Cross, We’re Somewhat Blind Now.
So Let What Must Begin To Spill, So Just Unwind, Unwind.

We Run With Tunnel Vision Thronged Until It Hits Us.
The Thing You Fear The Most In Life Can Be Your Best Friend.
The Polar Bears They Dine Alone Until The Ice Melts.
We Might Get Down To Skin And Bone Before We Hear Alarm Bells.

With Twisted Minds All In A Bunch We Find It All Wanting.
When Tribes Of Thieves Trade Meat For Stone, What’s Worth Flaunting?
It Is Unwise To Speak Unkind To Those Below You.
So Take The Time To Just Unwind Before It Kills You!